Sunday, March 23, 2008

Red Bull Halal??

Is Red Bull Energy Drink halal?

Red Bull® Energy Drink is halal. This has been certified by the MUSLIM JUDICIAL COUNCIL. Imaam Y. Harris, Cape Town. Before issuing this certificate the production site and the origin of the ingredients were inspected and checked by an official of the Federation.

(quote from Redbull)

this doesn't make it halal or haram yet but, as per the information on their website the product according to them is Halal/Kosher/Vegan friendly... further questions are being asked...

So far has not found any REAL reasons to enlist this product under the haram category...

If somehow someone that actually works inside the company.. specially someone that oversees the manufacturing process provides information, it might be possible to reach a definite conclusion.

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  1. I am a Muslim.I don't smoke or drink alcohol as knowing haram in Islam.I drink red bull, if I need to awake at night concentrating my work.
    I am a student of architecture. I used to take YABA for the same purpose of awaking at night, before knowing red bull.
    The effect of these two are almost same.
    As I stopped taking YABA knowing it haram.I want to know weather red bull halal or haram?

    I think anything that tempering my body or mind is haram.
    This message should be shared in Muslim world.

    M. M. Jahangir