Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatine coatings (Pots and pans??)

How can gelatine help in the manufacture of silver cutlery, pots and copper pans?

GELITA gelatines are frequently used in galvanizing techniques. Added to galvanizing and electro-plating baths, they develop their protective colloid effect, hence enhancing the gloss and uniformity of the metallic coatings produced. They have proven to be particularly effective when used with copper alloys.

Apart from classical modified gelatines, methacrylated gelatine has been developed and internationally patented by

GELITA. It is characterized by its ability to polymerize. It can thus be used for other applications in addition to the classical ones such as micro-encapsulation, e.g. in the manufacture of packaging materials. In this application, UV hardening is used to promote crosslinking. The excellent film-forming properties of methacrylated GELITA gelatine make it eminently suitable for coating techniques e.g. in the manufacture of packaging material of minimal permeability for oxygen, aromas and water vapour. The application- and processrelevant properties of such coatings and laminates, as determined by GELITA in cooperation with scientific institutes under practice conditions, show that methacrylated gelatine is particularly suited to the manufacture of flexible packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive products.

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