Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Paper (MONEY?!?!?!?!)

In the paper industry, our technical gelatine is used as an impregnation agent and adhesive. It is even used in to protect banknotes from the effects of light and hence make them more durable. In particular, technical gelatine is used in the lamination of large surface areas, e.g. board games, files and displays. And perforated, folded cartons make for attractive packaging.

Other advantages: our gelatines are suitable for universal application, can be processed highly flexibly after drying, are biologically degradable, highly recyclable and neither swell nor

fold during processing. The material to be impregnated takes up less water due to the gelatine, facilitating time planning – an important criterion for large-surface impregnation.

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  1. And what is the purpose of this post? Are you an industry-expert? Are you able to offer practical solutions and alternatives? If you do not have deep knowledge of the matter then you should should refrain from posting about it - when the average Muslim reads these things he may be turned away from practicing Islam.

  2. Average muslim should be connected to scholars.. Not reading blogposts and deciding about deeni matters with their own whims n desires.. Don't try to use a sharp knife if you don't know how to...

    Just because a knife is created (according to you) does not mean the creator is automatically sinful because of the possible ramifications of the possible stupidy of the possibly unknown individuals that can do harm to themselves..

    Besides I don't give much importance to pessimistic people like you that find faults in other peoples work and try to get everyone to stop doing whatever they are involved in just because it doesn't befit your thinking. And they think they have a better idea about how things work in the world and everyone else is lost in the process...

    You got Solutions and alternatives and a better working model?? (Not ideas and theories) you show me.. Some blog or website of yours where you do something similar or better. Otherwise just shut your trap..

    Purpose of this post is information.. information leads to thought.. thought leads to action / intention.. Sometimes positive and constructive intentions / actions.. Other times useless pessimism.