Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Beverages

Gelatine to remove substances causing turbidity or tanning

The clarification of wine and juices is carried out for two main reasons:

1) Substances causing turbidity or tanning that would otherwise have a negative effect on optics and taste are removed.

2) Such preclarification can enhance the efficiency of many of the centrifuges installed in modern production facilities.

Gelatines with a low bloom value as well as protein hydrolysates in powder form or as solutions (e.g. GELITA KLAR®) are particularly suitable for such applications as they can be distributed evenly without gelling, even in cold beverages. Turbidity particles, due to their possessing an

opposite electrical charge, form aggregates which then precipitate; they can then be easily removed. If necessary, gelatine treatment can be enhanced by adding silicic acid solution or bentonite. This helps to give the wines or juices the desired degree of brilliance.

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