Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Meat and Sausage Products

Gelatine can be used to produce crystal-clear, sliceable aspic meat and sausage products. Special types of gelatine, (e.g. GELITA®) are available for producing edible dips and coatings. These provide the necessary adhesion. Both gelatine and gelatine hydrolysates, available in the highest quality, can be used to optimize technological and sensory quality parameters, e.g.:

Reduction of jelly and fat residues in canned sausage

Improvement of spreading quality and softness in emulsified sandwich spreads

Whipping agent for low-calorie sandwich spreads

Improved homogeneity of binding in cooked sausage

Protein enrichment in cured meats

Rapid reduction of aw-values and shorter maturation times in raw sausage preparations

Stabilization of emulsions, dispersions and suspensions

In addition, color, taste and aroma are improved. Addition of gelatine hydrolysate can lead to a reduction in the use of salt without inhibiting taste.

This application, developed and patented internationally by GELITA Group, is gaining in importance in many other countries.

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