Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Cosmetics

Natural collagen proteins from are important components of modern skin- and hair care products

Collagen, collagen hydrolysate and, recently of increased use, plant protein hydrolysates, possess properties that are essential for the care and protection of skin and hair.

These natural biological cosmetic ingredients are isolated and purified using mild extraction or gentle enzymatic degradation (using a method specially developed by GELITA). They are dermatologically compatible and free of all contaminants.

Protein and skin care
High-molecular, native collagen is an important moisture retainer used in creams and lotions and is suitable for all types of skin. It has been proven that collagens increase hydration, improve skin feeling and decrease the extent and depth of wrinkles.

Protein hydrolysates or wheat protein hydrolysate (GELITA PLANTASOL® ), due to their film-forming properties, provide additional positive effects by contributing to skin smoothness and softness. They also have a remarkably high capacity for radical capture. The protective function of collagene hydrolysate is particularly important in shower- and bath products. Apart from substantially reducing the skin and mucous membrane irritation brought out by conventional anionic surfactants, the skin becomes smoother and drying out is prevented.

Protein in hair care
Protein hydrolysates isolated from collagen or plant raw materials are valuable components of hair care products due to their affinity to keratin. Their film-forming properties improve the gloss, and handling of hair, especially if previously treated with chemical preparations. In permanent waving and bleaching, proteins have a substantial protecting effect on the hair structure. Addition of protein hydrolysates to hair coloring sprays and toners enables hair to absorb the dyes more uniformly. Natural dyes in particular show increased absorption and more intense coloring. In leave-on products, the natural conditioning effect of protein hydrolysates is noticeable.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Sir/Madam:

    I would like to inquire whether muslims are permitted to use hair products with gelatin as one of their ingredients. If the gelatin used in the hair product is not derived from pigs, then are we permitted to use the hair product?

    From my knowledge, we are only prohibited from eating non-halal items (i.e. meat of swine).

    You response will be greatly appreciated.

  2. assalam alaikum bro. in Islam there is a list of things which are haram. one of them is swine and its products. Dead animal flesh used in preparation are also haram.