Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Confectionary (Candy / Tofee / Sweets)

Gelatine is a modern foodstuff that is used in numerous industrial applications.

Wherever gellating agents, stabilizers, binding agents, emulsifiers, filmformers, foaming agents and creaming agents are required, this practically invisible, neutraltasting product is used.

In the confectionery industry, gelatine and gelatine hydrolysate are used due to their following properties:

• Gel formation
• Foam formation
• Foam stabilization
• Texturing
• Emulsification
• Binding agent

All modern requirements e.g. for crystalclear gels in fruit- and wine gums and dessert jelly and excellent foam formation and stabilization in the production of marshmallows can be fulfilled if the right type of gelatine is selected for the production processes involved.

In caramel and liquorice sweets, gelatine provides excellent texturing and mouthfeeling. In the case of pastilles, an elastic structure and excellent melting properties can be provided by gelatine whereas in the case of lozenges and compressed substances, its binding properties guarantee perfect stability of form.

By substituting carbohydrates, sugarfree gums can be produced for diabetics.

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