Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walls ice cream halal or not?

The following are Haraam (not permitted)

Carte d'Or 750ML Tiramisu (Contains Marsala Wine)
Simpsons Sour Fizzz 70ml (Gelatine)
5.5L Raspberry Sorbet Artiscoop (carmine)

Please Avoid:
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Rum & Raisin
5.5L Rum&Raisin Artiscoop


* An asterisk means the product uses alcoholic flavouring.

Please see the notes next to some of them, to highlight the issue of calf rennet and alcoholic flavourings at the bottom. Some may feel they wish to refrain them.

Calf Rennet Clarification:
Rennet per se, is not impermissible.
It is permissible to eat cheese which has rennet from calf rennet though
praiseworthy to refrain from due to a slight difference of opinion viz:

Is Whey Rennet Haraam? (no!)

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:

Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

Read the full article here:

Carte d'Or 1L Mango Sorbet
Carte d'Or 1L Blackcurrant Sorbet *
Carte d'Or 1L Lemon Sorbet
Wall's Milk Time Strawberry Milk Ice 1L *
Wall's Mint Choc Chip 2L
Wall's Chocolate 2L
Milk Time Strawberry Pot 4
Milk Time Milk & Biscuit Stick 6
8 Calippo Strawberry/Lime
10 Lemon Sparkles 550+B86ml
3 Magnum Mint
3 Magnum Double Chocolate
3 Magnum Mayan 330ml *
6 Mini Magnum Mayan 360ml
4 Magnum Mint
4 Solero Frutie 280ml *
2 Frusi Mango/Raspberry 200ml
2 Frusi Fruits of the Forest 200ml
2 Frusi Pineapple/Raspberry 200ml
2 Frusi Peach/Apricot 200ml
Calippo Orange 105ml
Calippo Shots Straw & Lemon 164ml *
Calippo Strawberry & Tropical (Funky Fruit) 105ml *
Lemonade Sparkles 70ml
Magnum Mint
Magnum Mayan 110ml *
Frusi 100ml Mango/Raspberry
Frusi 100ml Fruit of the Forest

5L Raspberry Sorbet Artiscoop
5L Lemon Sorbet Artiscoop

5.5L Lemon Sorbet Artiscoop
5.5L Mango Sorbet Artiscoop
5.5L Mandarin Sorbet Artiscoop
2 Frusi Straw/Apricot 200ml 1 x 9


Carte d'Or 1L Light Vanilla *
Carte d'Or 1L Vanilla *
Carte d'Or 900ml Spagnola *
Carte d'Or 900ml Mascarpone *
Carte d'Or 900ml Triple Choc
Carte d'Or 900ml Lavazza *
Carte d'Or 900ml Greek Yoghurt & Honey
Carte d'Or Strawberry & Yoghurt Delice *
Carte d'Or 900ml Dark Chocolate Inspiration
Carte d'Or 750ML Pannacotta Amaretti *
Carte d'Or 750ML Creme Brulee

Wall's Cream of Cornish 1L
Wall's Vanilla Soft Sliceable 1 L

Wall's Cream of Cornish 2L
Wall's Vanilla Light 2L
Wall's Vanilla Soft Scoop 2L
Wall's Neapolitan 2L *
Wall's Raspberry Ripple 2L *

Wall's Cornish Brick 500ml
Wall's Neapolitan Brick 500ml
Wall's Vanilla Brick 500ml
Viennetta Brownie 650ml *
Viennetta Biscuit Forest Fruit 650ml
Viennetta Mint 650ml
Viennetta Vanilla 650ml
Viennetta Choc Orange 650ml
Viennetta Caramel 650ml
6 Cornetto Classico 560ml *
12 Cornetto Classico 1500ml *
6 Cornetto Stwb 540ml *
6 Cornetto Mint 560ml
6 Cornetto Chocolate 560ml
Mini Cornetto Classico/Choc *
Mini Cornetto Hazelnut/Caramel *
12 Milk Time Mini Milk ChocStrawVan 420ml *

Milk Time Slice -6 *
Milk Time Probiotic Lolly 6 *
8 Mini Twister 400ml *
6 Mini Calippo Orange/Lemon 480ml
13 Happy Mix (Mag, Cor, Capri, Twister, Mmilk)

9 Chocolate Feast *
8 Mini Feast Choc & Mint

10 Orange Frutie - Strawberry Split Mix *

3 Magnum Classic 360ml *
3 Magnum White 360ml *

3 Magnum Almond *

3 Magnum Ecuador Dark *
3 Magnum Columbian Aroma *

6 Magnum Caramel and Nuts *
6 Magnum Snackpack 360ml Classic/White/Almond
6 Mini Magnum Strawberry Chocolate 360ml *
6 Mini Magnum Double 360ml *

6 Mini Magnum Dark (Ecuador) 360 ml *
4 Magnum Almond *

3 Solero Exotic 270ml *
3 Solero Strawberry Smoothie 270ml *
3 Solero Blackberry Smoothie 270ml

Wall's Cream Of Cornish 105ml *
Wall's VFM Vanilla Cup 120ml *
Wall's VFM Strawberry Cup 120ml
Wall's VFM Chocolate Cup 120ml
Wall's VFM Mint Cup 120ml
Cornetto Classico 125ml *
Cornetto Mint x1 125ml
Cornetto Straw 120ml *
Cornetto Whippy 125ml *
Cornetto Choc o Disc *
Cornetto Frutti Disc 125ml *

Mini Milk Van 35ml *
Mini Milk Van 35ml *
Twister 80ml *

Spongebob 67 ml *

Chocolate Feast 92ml *
Mint Feast 92ml
Chunky Choc Ice 75ml *
Footballissimo 80ml *

Magnum Classic 120ml *
Magnum White 120ml *

Magnum Almond *
Magnum Double Caramel *
Magnum Dark Ecuador 110ml *

Solero Exotic 90ml *
Solero Strawberry Smoothie 90ml *
Solero Blackberry Smoothie 90ml

Café Zero. Espresso 200ml *
Café Zero. Cappuccino 200ml
Café Zero Mocaccino 200ml
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Mint
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Milk Choc
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Caramel *

Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Coffee *
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Vanilla *
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Straw *
Carte d'Or True Taste 5L Dark Choc
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Banana *
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Praline
Carte d'Or True Taste 2,5L Coconut *
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Pineapple Sorbet
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Mango Sorbet
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Lemon Sorbet
Carte d'Or True Taste 2.5L Blackcurrant Sorbet *
5.5L Vanilla Artiscoop *
5.5L Caramel Artiscoop

5.5L Mascarpone Artiscoop *
5.5L Tiramisu Artiscoop *
5.5L Vanilla Choc Cookies Artiscoop
5.5L Triple Choc Artiscoop
5.5L Mint Choc Chip Artiscoop
5.5L Mint Crunch layered Artiscoop
5.5L Pistachio Artiscoop *
5.5L Strawberry Artiscoop *
5.5L Banana Artiscoop *
5.5 L Banana Artiscoop new recipe *

5.5L Greek Yoghurt & Honey Artiscoop *
Cornetto Soft Vanilla -18C+B156 *
Cornetto Soft Choc Chip -18C *
Cornetto Soft Straw -18C *
Cornetto Soft Choc & Mint 145ml -18C
Cornetto Soft Exotic *



  1. hi its not clear to me which ice creams are halal and which we can not eat, could you please send me a list of all the ice creams that are halal. thank you

  2. How about magnum Gold?

  3. A confusing list I must say. I couldn't figure out which ones are Halal.