Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vimto Products Halal or haram?

Products Suitable for Vegetarians/Gelatine Free


Suitable for Vegetarians/ Gelatine Free

Not suitable for vegetarians

Wham (all chew bar versions)


Irn Bru (all chew bar versions)


Vimto (all chew bar versions)

ü Contains E120 colouring

Cola (all chew bar versions)


Lippy Chick (all chew bar versions)


Blue Rave 10p


Dan Bar (all chew bar versions)


Roy of the Rovers

(all chew bar versions)


Highland Toffee (all toffee bars)


Choc. Highland Toffee 10p


Black & Red 10p

ü Contains E120 colouring

Fizzy Lizzy 10p

ü Contains E120 colouring & gelatine.

Lanky Larry’s & Wizard Wandz

ü Contains gelatine

Tangy Banana 5p

ü Contains gelatine

Wham Itty Bitty’s


Party Bags

ü (excluding Vimto)

ü Vimto contains E120 colouring

Traditional Highland Toffee & Fudge


Bon Bons

ü Contains gelatine & some flavours E120 colouring

Last Updated: 27/04/2007

In the Name of Allah, the Inspirer of Truth.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

We regard the Vimto products as permissible. We have attached the Mc Cowans factsheet for more information:

And Allah knows Best
Wa Alaykumussalaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

Many thanks for visiting the Vimto website and for your enquiry about whether Vimto has alcohol or animal derived ingredients.

All Vimto drinks are suitable for vegetarians. Additionally all Vimto branded confectionery with the exception of Vimto Bon Bons are also suitable for vegetarians.

Vimto does contain a very small amount of alcohol used as a carrier for the flavour.

Vimto does not contain any animal gelatine, animal fats or rennet. The flavourings used in soft drinks manufacture typically do contain alcohol however. This is used as the solvent to extract the flavouring substances from the fruits. Given the level of alcohol in the flavouring and the amount of flavouring used the level of alcohol therefore present in the final drink is extremely low.

We often receive enquiries of this nature in relation to Vimto’s suitability as Halaal. Strictly speaking, the drink is not Halaal however at least one soft drink manufacturer has presented a case to the Moslem council and had their products accepted for consumption despite containing the small amount of alcohol noted. We have not pursued this route ourselves but I have no reason to doubt that our products would receive the same acceptance.

Again thank you for taking the trouble to write to us. We very much appreciate hearing from Vimto consumers.

Kind regards

The Vimto Team



  1. please provide us with a sreen shot
    of original email from the vimto company. It would be appreciated by our community to see the facts so that we can act accordingly.

  2. Screenshots are easily made up... facts are a different thing..

    Do your own research i.e: A call or email to vimto which takes roughly the same time it took you to read this article and write your comment..


  3. At the official website of it says
    Q6. Does VIMTO contain trace amounts of alcohol?
    A. VIMTO does not contain any alcohol
    So please double-check your information as it may be wrong

  4. At the official website of it states:
    Q6. Does VIMTO contain trace amounts of alcohol?
    A. VIMTO does not contain any alcohol.
    So please double-check your source of information regarding this