Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chewits / Vimto Halal or Haram?

LEAF UK 2009

Last Updated: 26/01/2009

The following are Halaal

Chewits - Strawberry Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Blackcurrant Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Fruit Salad Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Orange Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Lemon Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Lime Flavoured Stickpack
Vimto Flavour Chews Stickpack
Chewits - Xtreme Apple Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Xtreme Lemon Flavoured Stickpack
Chewits - Xtreme Tutti Frutti Flavour Stickpack
Chewits TwistWrap Bag 250g
Chewits Multipack 5stick
Chewits Multipack 7 stick
Vimto Chews Multipack 7 stick
Chewits Citrus Multipack 5 stick
Chewits Chunky Chews Bag
Chewits Ministick Bag 330g
Chewits Fruit Multipack 5+2 free
Chewits Citrus Multipack 5+2 free
Chewits Mixed Chunky Chew Bag
Chewits Strawberry & Vimto Multipack
Chewits Minis Mix Bag 250g
Chewits Strawberry Laces Bag 250g
Chewits Strawberry Whips x60
Chewits Apple Whips x 60
Chewits Cola Whips x 60
Chewits Orange Whips x 60
Chewits Skipping Ropes x 30
Chewits Strawberry Laces Bag x100g
Chewits Vampire Teeth 200g
Chewits Strawberry Twisters 120g

Company Statement about alcohol flavourings:

" Please note that some flavourings (an ingredient in Chewits) do contain alcohol as a carrier/solvent. However flavouring is only a small percentage of the recipe and
due to the temperature of the product when flavour is added, the alcohol will 'flash off' thus leaving the product alcohol free."

They have not told us which products contain the alcohol flavouring, so we cannnot advise any further you in that respect, if you wish to refrain. However, our ruling is below.

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:
Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.



  1. So I can't even eat chewits now. Just great.I won't eat anything that is halal or halal approved. I am not a muslim

  2. That would be detrimental to your health. As the following are all halal things:

    All vegetables
    and the list goes on.

  3. I agree with Tj
    Some people dont even understand what halal means shame