Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nestle products without animal ingredients..

This is a list taken from the Nestle website... these following products do no contain any animal ingredients as listed by nestle. (they still might have alcohol so need to check that out..)

statment from Nestle:

All products on this list are free from meat, fish and their derivatives.
Please note: Some products on this list have been fortified with Vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin (sheep's wool). Recourse to that information should enable you to decide whether you wish to avoid any particular Nestle product.

Milk Chocolate, Peppermint, White, Caramel. Bubbles, Orange, Orange Delight

After Eight
Dark Chocolate Mints, Orange Chocolate Mints, White Chocolate Mints, Premium Bag Milk & Dark, Bar 80g Milk & Dark, Bitesize, Dark 85% cocoa

Black Magic
All new sweets, Dark Chocolate Thins, 100g Bars: Almond & Raisin, Almond, Dark choc

Breakaway Milk Chocolate, Caramac, Drifter

Dark Truffle and Milk Orange Truffle Bar, Hazlenut Crème Bar, Milk Truffle bar, Perles Dark truffle, Dark chocolate bar, Assorted Neapoloitans, Brownie truffle

Kit Kat
Milk, Mint, Orange, White, 2 & 4 finger dark, Chunky, Cappuccino

Marc De Champagne Cocktail Truffles

All Varieties, Honeycomb

Milky Bar
Original MilkyBar, Buttons, Choo, Milky Bar Munchies, Sandwich Biscuit Choco Mousse. Raspberry Filled Bar, Milkybar Buttons Pure, Milkybar Pure, Moments, Milkybar cake mix

Original, Mint, Munchie Munchies,

Nesquik Snack

Nesquik Crunch

Choc Cake Bar

Original Mints, Spearmint, Sugar free Mints, Extra Strong

Quality Street
All sweets, Big Purple One, Big Green Triangle, Big Orange Crunch, My Caramel Swirl, Toffees & Caramels (Delux) Hanging Bag Toffee Assortment

Standard, Filled Egg, Rolo Choc Brownie cake mix

Jelly Tots, Jelly Tots cup Cakes

Toffee Crisp
Original, Toffee Crisp Biscuit, Popcorn (launched early 2008)

Walnut Whip

Milk Chocolate, Raisin & Biscuit, Yorkie Biscuit, Yorkie Classic Muffin, Yorkie Giant cookie mix, Yorkie Boulders



  1. Please note the list you are providing is not valid. For example AERO chocolates you can clearly see Whey Powder and there is no clarification Nestle web site for what you have mentioned. Please keep on reviewing the link you are providing so people do not start using it just because you said something with no authorities...

  2. Jazak Allah khair for your comment..

    I would also think the list is not valid because its more then 2 YEARS OLD!!..

    Besides i don't understand your statment "you said something with no authorities"..

    This site is supposed to be a reference .. where i post stuff i find over the internet and people respond back with their information / updates / insights.

    I do not appreciate these kind of statements from people who have done little or nothing to benefit anybody (except themselves) yet they have "great" ideas for the betterment of mankind.

    So if you have something better of your own that you can share with me or our readers please do so.

    Otherwise keep your "authority" to yourself.

  3. Hi, I noticed that ROLO does not have a 'suitable for vegeterian' sign on it. If that is on the list of Halal - then why isn't the V sign on it?

  4. Hi, nestle aero chocolate has not got any suitable for vegetarian sign on it, hence how u be so sure of it been halal. it better avoiding it.

  5. asalam alaykum,
    yor right the aero orange does hav soya lecithin which is ok plant ,but what about the whey powder...
    and it doesnt even have the suitable for veg sighn on it
    by the way nestle has a halal list so better to update with them inshaAllah
    good work u out there ...keep it goin.

  6. Are smarties halal

  7. Lists out of date.don't give a damn about Christian consumers.