Thursday, June 3, 2010

Arizona drinks Halal??

Just received a response from Arizona drinks Company (
stating that NONE of their products contains any alcohol or animal ingredients...

There still remains a chance that for their flavouring the carrier is some sort of alcohol but the company did not clearly respond to that question. Their associate simply replied there is no alcohol in any of their products..

Readers are requested to confirm this for themselves. You can email them at

Here is the email response i received from them...:


Thank you for your email. There is no alcohol or animal ingredients in any of our products. The U inside of the circle means the product is kosher certified.
 (end of email)

Now its a totally different subject matter whether they
are healthy or not.. And it seems to be that they are not all that healthy..

A good alternative is Not sure where it is available in Canada though...

List of Arizona drinks:

Tea and Juice

  • Liquid
    • Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey
    • Arizona Lemon Tea
    • Arizona Blueberry Green Tea

  • Arnold Palmer
    • Arizona Lite Iced Tea & Lemonade
    • Arizona Lite Green Tea & Lemonade
    • Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea & Lemonade

  • Half & Half
    • Arizona Iced Tea & Mango
    • Arizona Iced Tea & Tropical
    • Arizona Iced Tea & Lemonlimeade
    • Arizona Black & White Tea

  • 50% Juice & Decaf
    • Arizona Red Apple Green Tea


  • Ade
    • Arizona Grapeade
    • Arizona Lemonade
    • Arizona Orangeade

  • Fruit Juice
    • Arizona Fruit Punch
    • Arizona Kiwi Strawberry
    • Arizona Mucho Mango
    • Arizona Watermelon

  • Smoothie
    • Arizona Orchard Peach
    • Arizona PiƱa Colada
    • Arizona Sweet Strawberry

Energy Drink

  • Green Tea Energy
    • Arizona Green Tea
    • Arizona Diet Green Tea
    • Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

  • Caution Energy
    • Extreme Performance
    • Low Carb Performance

  • All City NRG (Presented in three authentic, limited-edition subway series cans)
    • Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

Sports Drink

  • Hypotonic
    • Arizona Lemon-Lime Hypotonic


  • Vapor
    • Arizona Vapor Water

  • Organic Water
    • Arizona Organic Green Tea
    • Arizona Organic Mandarin Orange Green Tea
    • Arizona Organic Pomegranate Green Tea
    • Arizona Organic Yumberry Green Tea

Soda Pop

  • Arizona Cowboy Pop
  • Arizona Chocolate Cola
  • Arizona Diet Chocolate Cola
  • Arizona Vanilla Cola
  • Arizona Root Beer Float

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  1. I e-mailed them and got this response:

    Thank you for your email. Please note that we do use flavors in our products and some of them are extracted from fruits and vegetables using alcohol and as such, a very small quantity (traces) of alcohol may be present in the product.

    So there may be some alcohol traces which makes it non halal