Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kellogs Halal or Haram?

Thank you for your email regarding Kelloggs cereals. I can confirm the email received from Ana Lara is in fact correct. Gelatin was found necessary to achieve the required product image and
profile for the market place. As soon as we can achieve an alternative ingredient to gelatin whilst maintaining the quality expected from Kelloggs we will reformulate as appropriate. Thank you for contacting us

Kind Regards
Lindsay James
Customer Services Representative

Subject: Gelatine (pork / beef) In Kellogg's products

Thank you for contacting Kellogg Company about the gelatin we add to some of our products. We are happy to provide you with this information.

Gelatin is used to help the texture of the product and is derived from either beef or pork. Kellogg's(R) Frosted Mini-Wheats( R) and Kellogg's(R) Rice Krispies Treats(R) cereals contain type B gelatin, which is derived from beef. Whenever marshmallow ingredients are present in a
Kellogg's(R) cereal brand, the marshmallow contains type A gelatin, which is derived from pork. Kellogg's(R) Krave(TM) Snack Bars also contain type A gelatin derived from pork sources.

Type B gelatin is derived from beef sources and is found in the frosting of all varieties of Kellogg's(R) Frosted Pop-Tarts(R) , Kellogg's(R) Frosted Pop-Tarts(R) Snak-Stix(TM) , all varieties of Kellogg's(R) Pop-Tarts(R) Pastry Swirls, and Kellogg's(R) Nutri-Grain( R) Minis with
Yogurt Icing. Plain (unfrosted) Kellogg's(R) Pop-Tarts(R) do not contain gelatin. None of the equipment that comes in contact with the gelatin in Kellogg's(R) Frosted Pop-Tarts(R) is used in the production of the other pastries.

Kellogg's(R) Rice Krispies Treats(R) Squares contain type A gelatin in the marshmallow, which is derived from pork sources.

The pregelatinized wheat starch contained in some of our toaster pastries is derived from wheat and does not contain any gelatin. Vegetable shortening only is used to produce plain or frosted
Kellogg's(R) Pop-Tarts(R) . No animal shortening is used.

We appreciate your patronage of our products and hope that this provides you with the information you need to make food choices appropriate for your family.


Ana Lara Consumer Affairs Department

vclarke wrote, On 18/06/2008 07:04:



  1. pop tarts are not harm yes.

  2. yay! i can eat them now!!

  3. What about Kellogs Fruit loops , they have pork gellatin or beef gellatin

  4. So are the chocolate chip ones Halal?

  5. I will not be eating any more Kellogg products. I think halal is unnecessary cruel,

  6. Your comment speaks volume about your intellectual capabilities and subsequent ignorance..

    Read the whole post again and let me know where it says kellogs is HALAL.. lol

    GO watch the videos on how "NON-Halal" animals are "Taken care of"..

    And then talk to me about what is more cruel..



  7. i dont get it is it hala or not

  8. It says tybe b gelatin is halaal and according to a site I found, frosted pop tarts are tybe b gelatin.

  9. This article is more then 3 years old.. So please call kellogs / email them to get more accurate / current information.