Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rubicon Halal or Rubicon Haram? - update

This serves as an update to the previous Rubicon post..

There is a text and Email going around to the tune of:

Rubicon contains 0.055% of alcohol as confirmed on their website Thats nearly 20ml of alcohol in a
standard 330ml can! The managment confirm it is not halal. plz fwd.


Last Updated: 28/01/2009

In the Name of Allah, the Inspirer of Truth.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

In answer to the text, the alcohol remaining in some products would be less than 0.05%. The calculation of 20ml in every 330ml is obviously as a result of incorrect mathematical calculations.

0.05% of 330ML is actually 0.165ml (approximately one sixth of a millilitre) which is a negligible amount.

For our take on alcohol flavourings, see:

Alcohol Flavourings Clarification -

We try to give the consumer the choice, if they feel they want to refrain from alcoholic flavourings.

As a result of the text and the resultant queries, Rubicon swiftly provided us with the information we required to make a decision on their products, so based on the information provided, a fully comprehensive list is presented below.

It is crucial for companies to work with closely with us, so decisions on products suitable for Muslims are decided on sound Jurisprudential principles. Where companies do not do this, they sometimes get themselves into a pickle.

The following are Halaal:

Rubicon Mango Juice Drink 1L & 288ml & 300ml *
Rubicon Passion Juice Drink 1L & 288ml & 300ml
Rubicon Guava Juice Drink 1L & 288ml & 300ml
Rubicon Lychee Juice Drink 1L & 288ml
Rubicon Guanabana Juice Drink 1L & 288ml *
Rubicon Pomegranate Juice Drink 1L & 288ml & 300ml
Rubicon Papaya Juice Drink 1L & 288ml *
Rubicon Pineapple & Coconut Exotic Blend 1L
Rubicon Mango, Apple & Peach 100% Juice
Rubicon Guava, Berry & Grape 100% Juice
Rubicon Sparkling Mango Juice Soft Drink 330ml *
Rubicon Sparkling Passion Juice Soft Drink 330ml
Rubicon Sparkling Guava Juice Soft Drink 330ml
Rubicon Sparkling Lychee Juice Soft Drink 330ml
Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate Juice Soft Drink 330ml
Rubicon Sparkling Mango No Added SugarJuice Soft Drink 500ml *
Rubicon Sparkling Guava No Added SugarJuice Soft Drink 500ml
Rubicon Sparkling Passion No Added SugarJuice Soft Drink 500ml
Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate No Added SugarJuice Soft Drink 500ml
Sun Exotic Tropical Juice Drink 1L & 288ml *
Sun Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Juice Drink 1L & 288ml
Sun Exotic Fruit Paradise 1L & 288ml
Sun Exotic Sparkling Topical Juice Soft Drink 330ml

* Alcoholic flavourings

And Allah knows Best
Wa Alaykumussalaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh


  1. its halal then is it?

  2. There is the opinion from the Hanafi fiqh that it's permissible to use these based on rulings from hanafi fiqh... which is described in the link provided with the article from the GMWA website..

    People of other madhabs.. or no madhabs should consult with their scholars ..

    best and safest option is to still refrain from the ones with alcohol used as a carrier...

  3. Are you miss calculating it on purpose?

    0.05% of 330 ml is 16.5 ml.
    Formula is simple, 0.05 x 330 = 16.5.

    And in an 1 Litre box of Rubicon juice, you have 50 ml of alcohol.
    Because 1 litre = 1000 mili leters.
    0.05 x 1000 ml = 50 ml.

    With this formula
    1 L / 0.05 = 20
    You get the number 20, which practically means if you drink 20 litres of rubicon juice. You would have drunk 1 litre of alcohol with it.

    I do understand your evidence that these "alcoholic flavourings" that are not "off dates or grapes" are not "impure". And because they can never lead to intoxication, eve if you drink as much as you can.
    Then they are halal.

  4. you fail to read english properly??

    0.05% is not 0.05 * 330 ml..

    its 0.0005 * 330...

    goto a grade 8 student and ask them to do this calculation for you..


  5. excuse me the formula for this particular percentage is 0.05/100 multiply by 330(ml)
    and if it was 0.005% it would have been
    0.005/100 multiply by 330(ml)
    please check these understand them inshaALLAH and update you files in maths and percentages topic...thank u.
    bless u for trying in a good way and will.

  6. you guys just dont get it do you?

    do this math with a calculator because its hopeless for u two otherwise...

    Find any calculator that has a % sign as a button. and enter

    330ml x .05 %

    1) First enter 330
    2) then press X
    3) then enter .05
    4) then press %

    you get 0.165

    Thank you

    And if u still don't get it.. you might never will... everyone is not born a mathematician and some never become one even after a lot of effort.:P

  7. why is everyone gettin into maths for....HELLLOOOOO MANGO FLAVOUR IS HARAAM END OF!!!! SADDOS

  8. the thing is(alchol) is haram for muslims, u decide u wana drink weather its 0.005% or 100%,,,,think

  9. 0.05% is equal to (50/100) % is actually (1/100)....
    For this case we take [ 50x(1/100)] = (50/100) = 0.05%

    next, 0.05% of 330 ml =
    (50/100) x 330 = 16.5ml

    I think even if its 0.01% of alcohol in a drink, it is still considered as haraam. Best to refrain from consuming these types of drinks.

  10. Another mathematially handicapped individual..

    There is no end to you guys...


  11. 5 percent of 335 ml is 16.5 ml
    .5 percent of 335 ml is 1.65 ml
    .05 percent of 335 ml is .165 ml

    No more comments about the mathematical calculations!

    They will be deleted.