Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walker's Snacks 2011 *Removed

Last Updated: 03/08/2011

In response to your E-mails, Walker's has emailed through a vegetarian and alcohol freelist . Interestingly enough, it was due to the confusion that these lists caused, that Walker's liaised with us as far back as 2005 to produce a list of products which were suitable for Muslims, according to Islamic Fiqh principles. In the past, this has been a simple enough task for Walker's to complete, and you the Muslim Consumer benefitted. This is no longer happening.

Suffice to say, these lists are not sufficient enough for us to make a decision. As we have said, we do not charge one penny for this service, and so apart from serving the Muslim Community, we really don't stand to benefit financially whatsoever. 

We would urge you to contact Walker's again, and request them to provide us the information, in the format we require, and provided to us in the past. We would then be able to serve the Muslim Consumer, and Walker's can demonstrate thet they really do care for the Muslim consumer.    

July 2011 
Walker's (Quakers) has informed us that they will be unable to provide an update to the Foodguide.  Based on this information, henceforth we will be unable to field any queries regarding Walker's and Quavers products.

We do not charge Walker's (or any other company for that matter) even 1 penny for investigating, checking, and featuring their products.  We feel that this is a service in which both companies, and Muslim Consumers mutually benefit.  However, responsibilty lies on the part of the company to provide accurate and timely product updates, otherwise the objective is defeated.  We feel Walker's has failed dismally in this regard.  On the other hand, we have observed KP Snacks which has more products (so more time in completing information for Foodguide Services) have not only been timely, but keen to serve Muslim Consumer's needs.

GMWA Foodguide is an 'Ulamaa co-ordinated, non profit organisation that serves UK Muslims.  Our decisions are based on Islamic Jurisprudential rulings, which we apply to the detailed information provided to us.  As we have mentioned earlier on, no fees are taken for these services from  participating companies. 

Walker's have a list of "certified Halal" Walker's products.  We, however don't rely on other organization's certification, but decide on suitability of products according to Shari'ee criteria. For a start, they are not qualified to make the decsion as to what is Halaal or not.
We recommend the following KP Snack company as they have provided the latest updates:
2011-07-30 : KP Snacks 2011

If you feel stongly, you may contact Walker's Direct to liaise with us to provide a list for yourselves:

Walkers: Freephone 0800 274 777 or Freephone 0800 032 4490 or
Snack A Jacks: Freephone 0800 783 2577


Walker's Snacks 2011 *Removed VIA (GMWA Foodguide)