Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mars Red Dot in Square

Mars Red Dot in Square = Pork / Gelatin?
Red Dot inside A Red Square Symbol Which Shown On Chocolates

Shown On Chocolate Bars Like :
Bounty Chocolate Bar
Mars/ Snickers ...
It's Shown Specifically At The Back Beside The Weight Numbers.
What does it really mean?
Instead of using our overactive imaginations let us leave it to the manufacturer to do the answering:

Statement on “red dot” label on Mars chocolate products in Egypt:

Mars products always comply to the legal and cultural norms of all the markets it does business in. Mars products, including Snickers, Bounty and Mars bars do not contain pork nor pork derivatives. Mars products are exported to a number of markets, of which India is one; the red dot that may appear on some of our packaging is a legal requirement for the Indian Market. It indicates that the product may contain egg, which is not suitable for some vegetarians in India. Still, to further clarify the matter, we are currently completing the process of separating the packaging for the two markets which will minimize future misunderstanding.

So what do we learn? We need to research before pressing the send button on these chain letter / forwards.
PDF (Copied to Google Docs Mars Statement on "red dot" label)
PDF (original on mars website *download only MARS PDF)