Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pringles haram or Pringles Halal?

Last Updated: 06/01/2009

Please Avoid:
PRINGLES Regular Smoked Bacon

The following are Halaal
Regular Original
Regular Cheese & Onion
Regular Cheese
Regular Hot & Spicy *
Regular Paprika
Regular Prawn Cocktail
Regular Salt & Vinegar
Regular Sour Cream & Onion *
Regular Texas Barbecue
Light Original
Light Sour Cream & Onion *
Light Aromas Greek Style Cheese & Avocado Oil *
Light Aromas Mediterranean Salsa & Oregano Oil
Light Aromas Red Pepper & Olive Extract
Light Aromas Spicy Thai & Coconut Oil *
Rice Infusions Barbecue
Rice Infusions Cheese & Onion
Rice Infusions Classic
Rice Infustions Hot & Spicy
Rice Infusions Paprika
Rice Infusions Salt & Vinegar
Rice Infusions Sour Cream & Onion *
Rice Infusions Sweet & Sour *
Rice Infusions Thai Chilli & Lime
Select Italian Cheese & Garlic
Select Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar
Select Sundried Tomato *
Select Szechuan Barbecue
Select Thai Sweet Chili

Regular Oven Roasted Chicken
Regular Roast Beef
Rice Infusions Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce
Rice Infusions Sweet Beef Chili
Select Paprika

*carrier (trace)
Products which use a carrier are permissable. Alcohol used as carriers are common food industry techniques and are permissible due to necessity on condition that they do not intoxicate i.e. negligible (trace) amounts of alcohol are present.

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  1. in pringles hot and spicy there is chicken powder used, so the pringles company said.

  2. Pringles are made from french fries of MacDonald that are fried in LARD. How come Pringles is HALA

  3. pringles are made from potato powder basically if you don't trust me then watch this YouTube video..

  4. pringles clean their equipment with alcohol