Thursday, March 27, 2008

Assignment #1... Which apple juice is haram??

Products number in the hundred of thousand (if not millions) in supermarkets all over north america... To check all these products with resepect to suitability of use by muslims by one person or even a group is very much impractical. The approach we at are goign to take is to post assignments.... for anyone and everyone to volunteer to do..

its simple how it works...

Assignment #1:

The process through which raw apple juice is filtired to end up in the shape we buy it from the stores; uses (sometimes or more) pork / beef gelatin. We need you to call up as many apple juice manufacturers and post the result of your investigation in the following manner:

1) Date called
2) Company name
3) Product Name
4) Number Called
5) Person spoke to (optional)
6) Question asked
7) Your name (optional)
8) Answer received

it would be even better if you can get an official response in the form of a letter or an email.. credit would be given to the person(s) that fulffil this assignment.

read this for reference

Jazak ALlah

in advance

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