Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatine in photography

A unique combination of specific properties makes gelatine a key component of photographic films and papers

Gelatine is utilized as a binder in light-sensitive products. It's gel-setting and filmforming properties are ideal for making clear, uniform and durable coatings which can be more than 15 layers thick in a single application.

Gelatine is indispensable in photographic coatings including silver halide emulsion layers, top coat or surface layers, interlayers and back coats. The chemical/colloidal properties enable precise precipitation and chemical ripening of photographic silver halide emulsions. Gelatine also stabilizes coupler and dye emulsions which are utilized especially in color photographic products. Gelatine's properties are required for high-speed photographic films, especially to reach the high sensitivities required for color films and medical x-ray products.

Photographic gelatine products are custom designed to meet the exacting needs of each customer. Products from the GELITA Group are well received for use in applications including graphic arts, amateur and professional photography, medical/diagnostic films and also in specialized applications including products for industrial non-destructive testing (NDT), holography, 3-dimensional imaging and emerging digital imaging products.

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