Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in Dairy Products and Desserts

Gelatine enhances the texture of dairy products in an optimal way. Many product properties can be controlled by using different quantities and types of gelatine, e.g.:

Gelatine acts as a protective colloid in yogurts, thus preventing syneresis; at the same time, the consistency can be adjusted from creamy to almost solid.

Soft cheese can be adjusted in consistency from creamy to sliceable.

Cream and toppings can be stabilized to retain their shapes.

Sour cream retains its spreading and good melting qualities.

Its ability to bind water, form emulsions and provide stability enables it to be used in the production of low-fat dairy products.

The melting behavior of ice cream is substantially enhanced due to the improved emulsion and finer crystal structure made possible by the addition of gelatine. In this particular application, gelatine is frequently combined with other hydrocolloids.

Gelatine is used in many dessert dishes. Crystalclear, firm to soft gels are required for dessert and fruit jellies; these can be fulfilled by selecting the most suitable gelatine type.

In the production of whipped mousse and cream desserts, excellent foam formation and stability of the gelatine used are important selection criteria.

Different types of instant gelatine with different gelling properties can be used in the production of ready-to-eat desserts, both in mass production and in individual households. Whether for basic recipes for chocolate mousse, tiramisu or semolina pudding, GELITA® instant gelatines from the GELITA Group provide all of these products with a unique texture.

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