Friday, March 7, 2008

Halal Animals

Halal Animals

The following animals are fit for Muslim consumption:

* All domestic birds
* All cattle
* Sheep
* Goats
* Camels
* All types of buck
* Rabbits
* Fish
* Locusts

The aforementioned animals excluding fish and locusts will only be considered Halal when they are slaughtered according to the following guidelines:

* The slaughter man must be a Muslim
* Prior to slaughter, the slaughter man must invoke the name of Allah upon the animal to be slaughtered by reciting “Bismillahi Allahu Akbar” or at the very least recite “Bismillah”
* He must immediately slaughter the animal after the recital without any significant delay
* His knife must be extremely sharp in order that the slaughter may be conducted efficiently and easily and the animal suffers minimal agony
* He must sever the following arteries:
Trachea (windpipe), Oesophagus (gullet), both Jugular Veins
If it is not possible for the slaughter man to cut all four arteries due to whatever reason then
he must sever at least three in order to render the meat Halal.
* He must conduct the slaughter manually (i.e. by hand) and swiftly. The knife must not be lifted before the cut is complete and the cut must be below the Adam’s apple

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