Monday, March 24, 2008

Gelatin in our food

Gelatine is a modern foodstuff that is used in nume-rous industrial applications. Wherever gellating agents, stabilizers, binding agents, emulsifiers, filmformers, foaming agents and creaming agents are required, this practically invisible, neutraltasting product is used.

In addition, gelatine can be used for protein enrichment, the reduction of fat and carbohydrates, as a carrier and for the reduction of salts. These various applications, however, require different types of gelatine; the right selection requires expert advice. The GELITA Applications Service provides such advice through highly qualified and experienced food technologists. Thus, our product range includes gelatine for every application.

The development of semi-fat, low-fat and light products would often not be possible without gelatine. Whether semi-fat butter or margarine, low-fat pastries, reduced-fat cheese preparations, soft cheeses or sugarfree and gumbased sweets, both gelatine and gelatine hydrolysate are commonly used. The reasons for this are that gelatine binds large quantities of water to form a gel and that it provides such products with properties that make them pleasurable to eat, an aspect that is particularly important for new products.

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  1. 1) is maggy chicken and tom yam stock halal?
    2)is the material used in the fine bone china haram?

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  2. 1) is the maggi chicken and tom yam stock halal?

    2) is the materials used in the fine bone china haram?

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