Monday, March 17, 2008

ISNA shameful incompetence


Once again ISNA fails to check the Halal status of snacks supplied by the venders at their convention in Chicago. Two years back they allowed KFC to sell machine slaughtered chicken to those Muslims who eat only hand slaughtered chicken.

1. They allowed Non Halal and Non Kosher certified Gold Medal's # 5277 El Nacho Grande cheese sauce for Muslims who trust ISNA for providing only Halal food products at their convention.

The ingredients statement of Gold Medal Nacho Grande Cheese sauce on the package obtained by MCG is as follows:

Water, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean oil, Modified Food starch, Malto dextrin, Cheddar cheese (Culture, milk, salt, enzyme), Jalapeno peppers, Natural Flavor, Salt , Sodium Phosphate, Vinegar, Lactic & citric acids, Mono & diglycerides, yeast extract and natural color.

MCG contacted the Gold Medal Company and found out that this cheese sauce is not Halal or Kosher certified according to Food Technologist Todd Sunderhause. There is the possibility that cheddar cheese could be made with pork enzyme, non Halal starter culture media. The natural flavor could be made from non Halal sources and may contain alcohol as a solvent. The yeast extract is obtained from brewer's yeast from beer making which provides meaty flavor.

2. The Elgin Dairy Inc. has provided the 4% Vanilla Soft Serve Ice cream and one of the ingredients of ice cream was natural flavor. Elisa Locant QA Manager of Elgin Dairy told MCG that ethyl alcohol was used as a solvent in natural flavor.

3. The Ice cream Cones are made by Keebler Company and vanilla was used as a flavor, and the presence or absence of alcohol was not confirmed. It means the cones are Mushbooh items.

4. The cheese pizza was supplied by Deliccouse, a unknown company. The Halal status of crust, pizza sauce and cheese was not known. Chicago has pizza stores owned by Muslims. The Little Caesar cheese and Papa John regular cheese pizza are known to be Halal. ISNA lacks the help of food industry professionals to judge the Halal status of cheese pizzas.

ISNA is now providing Halal certification services. The question is how Muslim consumers will trust ISNA if they do not even provide Halal food products to Muslims at their convention.


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