Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tang gets halal certification (Phillipines)

MANILA, Philippines - During the recent conference held at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao, Kraft Foods, the second largest global food company, unveiled a present for our Muslim brothers and sisters in Mindanao. The company revealed that Tang has gained the halal certification of the Philippine IDCP Islamic Da’wah Council of the Philippines (IDCP).
“Even before this event, Kraft Foods has been very supportive of our organization here in the Philippines,” says lawyer Abdul Rahman Linzag, IDCP president and secretary-general of the World Halal Council. “And with Tang’s halal certification, our brethren will now enjoy a delicious and refreshing drink that has passed the strict IDCP guidelines for halal certification.”
Tang is already halal-certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand — the only Islamic organization in Thailand duly authorized to conduct halal certification and accreditation. However, with IDCP’s accreditation, Tang can now pride itself on a seal that is globally-recognized by halal certification bodies and Muslims alike.

“Tang endeavors to maintain its relevance to our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, particularly for this season of Ramadan, by getting the halal stamp from the IDCP,” explains Doroty Arroyo, senior brand manager for Tang.
 This important symbol not only means that Tang does not contain ingredients that are considered unlawful, according to the strict guidelines of the Qu’Ran; it also means that Tang is made from ingredients with high quality and safety standards.
“It has always been Tang’s proposition to get kids to drink more water, by making water more exciting for everyone in the country,” says Arroyo. “So we really pushed and worked towards getting Tang, Philippine halal certified as a way of showing our commitment, anchored on fulfilling Kraft’s promise of making every day delicious for everyone.”
Tang will incorporate the IDCP halal seal on every package.
“Making today delicious for everyone is a global mandate for Kraft Foods and we intend to enliven this through this initiative. It’s part of our commitment to engage our brothers and sisters in Mindanao, particularly those who will be observing Ramadan, by being supportive of cultural practices and beliefs,” adds Cynthia D. Icasas, category manager for Kraft Foods Philippines.


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