Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessing, Gewurzmuller launch organic and Halal cultures

Frutarom-owned Gewurzmuller is introducing new organic starter cultures for raw sausage and raw cured meats, and has announced that all the food cultures made by its Blessing Biotech arm are now certified Halal.

Meat flavour and seasoning producer Gewurzmuller was one of seven companies acquired by Israeli firm Frutarom in 2007, and the deal included Blessing Biotech which produces starter cultures used in fermentation of micro organisms and enzymes, mainly for the dairy and bakery industry.

Gewurzemuller says that, with Blessing it has an advantage in being able to make its own starter cultures, as it can offer optimally matched seasonings and starter cultures from a single source.

The new organic cultures, called Bitec Organic GM-1 and Bitec Organic SM-96 use organic sucrose as the medium and do not use any genetically modified or genetically engineered raw materials throughout the process.

The former is mildly acidifying and is suitable for all kinds of raw sausage – from fresh and spreadable through to firmer varieties – and is said to provide “a distinctive fermentation flavour combined with an attractive colour”.

 The latter is said to be non-acidifying and suitable for organic raw cured products, bringing a “characteristic” flavour, stable colour and high procedural reliability.

All Halal
The new organic additions are also Halal, as Blessing’s entire range of starter cultures have recently been certified Halal by the European Institute of Halal Certification.

The company decided to seek certification as a result of higher demnd for Halal foods in Europe. Some 20 million Muslims are thought to live in Europe now, of which 4 million live in Blessing’s home country of Germany.

The Halal ingredient trend in recent years has been driven by second and third generation Muslims, who want to eat the same kinds of Western-style foods as their non-Muslim peers but still in accordance with Muslim food laws.


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