Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halal meat in Iceland

Iceland is a small country located North of Europe. A small country with an estimated population of 300,000 + its surprising that Iceland will be slaughtering its cattle the Halal way..

The source of this news is an article from .  Now how much exactly do the icelanders know about HALAL itself is unclear. Specially due to the official statistics of NO MUSLIMS

Here is an excerpt from the article originally in Icelandic; translation (not so flattering) courtesy of Google Translate:
All sheep, which will be slaughtered in southern Sláturfélag in Selfoss in the fall, will be slaughtered with-Halal slaughter. . Muslim stands where the sheep is killed, is the prayer in your mind or out loud during harvest time. All carcasses from the house, get there with a specific certification, but it is hoped that large markets for the sale of lama meat in the Muslim world open partnership with them.

It would be interesting to find out the details of how many muslims there are in iceland and are these cattle possibly certified Halal by any agency..

It is interesting to not that their is support for Halal method increasing in the world (due to the economic impact) err the Humane standards of Halal.. Makes you wonder, wasn't it humane all the time?? Why the realization now... Here is an excerpt to show this:
According to the slaughterhouse manager at Hvammstangi, it is a common misconception that the Halal method is inhumane. Quite on the contrary, it fulfills every standard regarding the humane treatment of animals as well as the handling of alimentary products.
Via IceLandView

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