Friday, September 24, 2010

No Lard In Product Says QBB Pure Ghee (MALAYSIA)

Bandar Seri Begawan - QBB Pure Ghee yesterday said that in light of recent media reports regarding QBB Pure Ghee, it irrevocably stated its stand on the matter that its product did not and has never contained lard or any substance of porcine origin. In a statement released yesterday, it said, "We have no doubt whatsoever, that the product concerned is Halal and is fit for consumption by Muslims.

"Our product has been certified Halal by the Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria, which is also recognised by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). Samples of our product have regularly been analysed by independent laboratories to prove its nature and content.

"These analyses, have confirmed that the content of our product is 99.7 per cent butteroil while the remaining amount is made up (of) moisture, peroxide values and class 1 trace amount. In fact, the results of Malaysian Chemistry Department (JKM) analysis also found no traces of lard or any substances of porcine origin.
"It is unfortunate that JAKIM had decided to revoke our Halal certification (SPH), based on the fact that the JKM has not been able to determine a certain substance found in the product, which they labeled as 'foreign substance'.

"Contrary to what has been reported by some media, this substance which presently could not be identified by JKM has not been determined to be 'prohibited for consumption' by Muslims.
"QBB believes this 'unidentified substance' to be one of the natural ingredients, found in milk products, as ghee is derived purely from milk, with no other ingredients added in the process.

"Naturally, there may be a small chance of antioxidants like linoleic acid and tocapherols emerging in the product. To enable them to determine the substance with certainty, they have requested for a copy of the certificate of analysis from JAKIM and JKM. Unfortunately, to date, we have yet to receive the said documents.

"The abovementioned certificate of analysis would enable us to determine the exact nature of the alleged `foreign substance' to clear any doubt that may exist. To this end, we have offered the services of an independent dairy expert to help identify the nature and presence of the 'foreign substance'. However, we have yet to receive any response from JAKIM on this matter." -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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