Friday, September 3, 2010

Manitoba beef producers should consider halal, kosher markets: minister

WINNIPEG - Manitoba beef producers should be taking advantage of the growing specialized kosher and halal markets, says Manitoba Agriculture Minister Stan Struthers.
"A recent study by Interpoc Inc. clearly demonstrates there is a growing market for specialized beef products in Manitoba, Canada and internationally, driven by people who follow Jewish and Muslim religious food practices," Struthers said Monday in a release.
Halal meat is slaughtered or prepared in the manner prescribed by Islamic law; its market in Canada is estimated at $214 million, according to the study. The nationwide market for kosher beef --  beef that adheres to the dietary laws of Judaism -- is calculated to be about $130 million.
The study indicates that only a limited number of companies are currently servicing the specialized halal and kosher demands in Canada. These specialized products are expensive and are often only available frozen instead of fresh because of limited production and availability.
While the study focuses on the opportunity for beef, similar substantial opportunities exist for lamb, goats and poultry, Struthers noted.
The halal and kosher market study is available from Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives' Livestock Knowledge Centre by contacting Mamoon Rashid at 204-945-7557 or at

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