Friday, January 29, 2010

Tim hortons for Lacto Vegetarians

Lacto Vegetarian: A person following a Lacto-Vegetarian diet does not eat meat or egg products but can consume dairy products. We suggest that you first please refer to our Animal Content Statement and review our Allergen Policy which discusses the nature of the bakery environment in terms of ingredient transfer.
A few of the products that should be suitable for this class of vegetarian, however, are as follows:
  • Yeast Donuts (Apple Fritter, Blueberry Fritter, Boston Cream, Canadian Maple, Dutchies, Powdered Filled Donuts, Chocolate Dip, Honey Dip, Maple Dip and Vanilla Dip)
  • Cinnamon Rolls 
  • Oatcakes (cookie)
  • Low Fat Muffins (Cranberry, Blueberry)
  • Bagels 
  • Sandwich Buns
  • Soup Rolls
  • Tea Biscuits (excluding Ham and Cheese)

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