Sunday, June 28, 2009

Skippy Peanut Butter Halal or haram?

Skippy says that when buying their peanut butters, to look out for the following ingredients as they may come from animal sources:

  • Meat
  • Fat
  • Extract
Yes... very vague and I doubt they would be exactly listed as such on the label. The person who replied back didn't seem that friendly. In the question I sent I just mentioned that I was Muslim and that I follow a certain diet (due to religious laws) and they responded weirdly to it... or maybe it's just me!


Our products are formulated for use by the majority of consumers and not specifically for those on restricted diets.

Ingredients derived from animal origins may be listed as meat, fat and extract (e.g., chicken, beef or natural flavors).

Changes in existing products can occur without notification. We suggest reading all ingredient labels carefully.

Hope this information is helpful!
Your friends at Skippy

UHMM....?? Maybe I'll try again and maybe someone else may respond and make more sense!


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