Tuesday, October 13, 2009

use of crocodile fat or snail extract halal or haram?

Query No. :: 3136/cd/MM Province: Gauteng
Date : Tuesday, 09 Jun 2009Category: Cosmetics and Deodorants

Q: 1. What is the status of crocodile fat or snail extract used in body creams? Is it permissible to use such creams?

2. Could you explain the process of snail extract?


Crocodile fat / Snail extract – The general rule with regards these items is that of impermissibility in both consumption and external application. However, in the circumstances of dharoorah (necessity) the ruling of tadâwi bil muharramât (medical treatment with Haraam substance) may be applied. Kindly confer with with any reputable Darul Iftâ for further elaboration and assistance in this regard.

Snail extract – The water soluble part of the Snail is mainly responsible for its flavour and extracted properties. The Snail flesh is immersed in boiling water to leach out and concentrate the water soluble extractives. This is how such extract is derived.

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And Surely Allâh Ta’âlâ Knows Best!


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  1. what about snail secretion thats contained in bodycream? or original snail secretion applied directly to the skin?