Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mcdonald's in pakistan haram or halal??

Macdonald in pakistan

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Date : Monday, 19 Jan 2009Category: Eating Establishments, TakeAways & Restaurants

Q: Mmacdonald in pakistan buying buns from Down Bread (certified by SANHA but the cheese, and spices r not confirmed & also meat. plz inform us about status of its products-


Jazâkumullâh Khairan for your query and for the opportunity to be of service to you. We advise as follows:

The producer of the meat products was a South African company by the name of Finlar Foods. They use imported meats from South America which we do NOT approve. Furthermore, we also do NOT have any information on their spice seasonings and cheese.

Caution should be exercised!




  1. In December 2007 We were in Pakistan and visited a McDonald's outlet with kids. Before buying I asked the guy that if ingredients are local or imported. He said imported, meat from Brazil and French fries from New Zealand and Australia.
    I decided not to buy any thing and left for KFC.I asked same question at KFC and answer was LOCAL INGREDIENTS. We bought a number of food items there.
    God know better.

  2. In KFC All chicken is bought from K & N's which is Pakistani well known company.

    Fries are imported but it is halal because all vegetables are halal.

    Spices are imported from America but there is proofs and checked by relevant department that there not any thing in spices which are prohibited in Islam. Basically spices are the same which are we using in our food at home. the difference is the ratio of all species which is already managed during packing of spices.

    But McDonald's is importing chicken and meat from other countries so it should be Halal because without clearance it can not operate in Pakistan.

    But Allah Behtar Janta hai.

  3. What is the source of your information??

    Your imagination??

    Fries are not just vegetables..

    There are lot of things to consider before you buy processed fries from a place like mcdonalds..

    Up until recently mcdonals fries were not known to be cooked in vegetable oil...

    And you think imported meat is ok since "they cannot enter without clearance"..

    Which world do you live in?? tell me one thing that cannot be cleared into pakistan..

    Mcdonals goods pass through customs without any inspection.. the customs officers do not have authority to inspect them..

    YES! this is not hearsay or imaginary concepts like your should be and could be and would be..

    This is first hand information from a customs officer working at karachi airport..

    Wake up, stop being lazy and a slave to your desires..