Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BRine injection, Halal or haram??

Brine injection

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Date : Saturday, 13 Jun 2009Category: Poultry, Beef and Meat Products

Q: I am attached to a poultry operation and I'm disturbed by what I hear about Brine injection.Could you clarify the following for me.

1)Is Brine injection permitted in Islam, The Brine used is certified Halal
2)Are Products injected with brine safe for Human consumption.
3)What are the responsibilities of the company which injects brine.


Brine injecting is widely practised and permitted. In essence, brine solution comprises of salt water and flavour. The salt in the solution causes the cells in the meat to open thus facilitating osmosis, and exchange of fluids. This results in much more moist and flavourful meat.

Brine injecting of poultry is absolutely safe for human consumption.

Legislation controls the amount of brine which may be injected. This may differ from country to country.


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