Saturday, February 23, 2008

tylenol Haram? (updated formatting)

Subject tylenol
Name saba
Feedback Date 05-10-2007
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Comments i had contacted tylenol and this is the response they gave me i do not have your email address so i will just cut and paste their email

Dear Safya,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding TYLENOL* products.

Both the glycerin and magnesium stearate in our TYLENOL* products are derived from bovine tallow. Any gelatin is derived from beef or pork. Please be assured that your comments will be shared with our Marketing Team.

Should you require further information, please e-mail us again or call the Information Centre at: 1 800 265-7323.



McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division of McNeil PDI Inc.

Reference number:

SR #1-29191056

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Sent: 04/14/2007 20:56:09
Subject: Question/Comment

Consumer stated: I heard news that all the Tylenol products have pork or beef derivitives. For religious reason I am not allowed to eat pork or beef. Since Tylenol is the pain reliever I use the most I was wondering if it was possible to tell me if there are any pork or beef derivitives in any of the Tylenol products.

Note: Keep in mind this is an old email.. try emailing them again yourself.. their answer might be different now..


  1. Assalamualaikum

    Your post seems to have cut off and I can't read most of the words...

  2. wa alaikum as salam

    sorry bout that... should be ok now..

    as mentioned at the end.. its an older post / email and the information should be requested again..

    It should be quite easy .. just send the same email again to the same address or find their email address from their contact us page from their website.. specially if they have a country specific email for the country you reside in.

  3. Assalamualaikum

    Thank you. I didn't notice the part that said it was older but I did, just yesterday, email them to find out for certain because I told my fiance and he wants me to send him written confirmation of if it is true or not. I can let you know when they reply if you need to update or not. :)

  4. jazak-allah khair.

    yes any updates would be appreciated and beneficial to all readers..

  5. Actually, I don't think we even need to wait. If you go to their website and click on products and check each one, there is an FAQ on the side of each and one of the questions is, is it kosher? And they say no.

    Here is one as an example:

    Also take note of this faq...

    Q: Are all TYLENOL* products considered kosher?

    A: All TYLENOL* products are NOT kosher. Please contact your Rabbi or Spiritual advisor for his or her recommendations.

    I know Kosher is more of a Jewish thing but from what I understand, if something isn't Kosher, it isn't halal, right?