Saturday, February 23, 2008

Information regarding Cadbury and Hershey chocolate bars

(April 7, 2002) Cadbury Trebor Allan and Hershey Canada have told that most of their chocolate bars are free of animal ingredients. The only Cadbury Trebor Allan product which contains animal ingredients is Neilson Malted Milk. It contains gelatin and this was reported in our update dated March 17, 2002. All other Cadbury chocolates (including Neilson brand chocolates) are free of animal ingredients and alcohol in flavourings. Some Hershey chocolates in Canada contain gelatin, and this is listed in the ingredients declaration. No other animal ingredients or alcohol-based flavourings are used in Hershey chocolates in Canada. Cadbury Trebor Allen may be reached at (800) 268-1624 and Hershey Canada can be contacted at (800) 468-1714.

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