Saturday, February 23, 2008

Alcohol in flavourings of most Chapman's products

(March 9, 2002) David Chapman's Ice Cream has told that the flavourings in most of their products contain alcohol. All Chapman's Ice Cream products contain alcohol in their flavourings except for the following products:
  • Orange Pineapple (2L Square)
  • Tiger Tail (2L Square)
  • Grape Nut (2L Square)
  • Rainbow (2L and 4L Square)
  • Raspberry Frozen Yogurt (2L Round)
  • Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt (2L Round)
  • Orange Sorbet (2L Round)
For this reason, all Chapman's Ice Cream products, except for the ones listed above, should be avoided by Muslims. Chapman's can be contacted at (519) 986-3131

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