Friday, March 12, 2010

Ferrero Rocher / Rafaelo / Kinder Surprise (Halal / Haram??)

Seems like this is a week of good news..

Just received another email from the people at Ferrero Rocher who make:

Nutella / Ferrero Rocher chocolates/ Kinder Surprise Chocolates / Rafaelo that all their products are animal products free (except for milk ofcourse)!!...

Now only thing left is a few other people to research / inquire also and corroborate this.. Any takers??

UPDATE (Mar-15-2010):
 Apparently some of their products have E120 (needs to be confirmed). And also alcoholic flavourings.. .. the second comment on this post also contains the link to the ruling on alcoholic flavourings, also you can find the information related to alcohol if you click the link below ...
Please refer to this older list for reference..
Ferrero Rocher Haram / Halal (2009)

Email from Ferrero Rocher

FerCan ConsumerRelations CA

We do not use any animal bi products in any of our products.
Kind Regards,
Consumer Relations
WEBSITES:  (Goto faqs.. certified kosher)  (check out the FAQ no animal by products!!)

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