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Brazilian halal (haram) meat export....

Shockwaves from Brazil РAn Expos̩
In October 2007, HMC was approached by a Global meat supplier and manufacturer to investigate and inspect on its behalf the Brazilian ‘Halal’ market. Brazil, along with Australia and New Zealand are the world’s largest exporters of meat and processed products feeding the global hunger for Halal Products. Much of these supplies head to the Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia; UAE, Dubai, Oman, Qatar,
Africa and Europe.

This month we reveal the shocking and confidential findings of our man from his trip through the wild west of Brazil and the practices from a continent apart. Nevertheless, meat and poultry finds its way to our palates in a global world where distances have shrunk and we the Ummah consume blindly in good faith – Allah forgive us all for our lack of knowledge and shortcomings.

Travelling 12,500 miles by air and covering 1,800 miles by land, working through the night across the vast terrains of Brazil, this expose uncovers the malpractices in Brazil - one of the world’s largest suppliers of the
Halal food industry. This investigation attempted access to 18 of the largest abattoirs in Brazil. According to
the Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association, a staggering 718,000 tons of chicken were exported to the Middle east from January to September 2007 and 402,000 tons to the European Union during the same period.

By the grace of the Almighty we gained access and enquiries were made of 11 abattoirs and the fi ndings were unfortunately quite shocking:

• No Muslim slaughtermen at many of the sites
• No recitation of Tasmiyah (name of Allah)
• Stunning prevalent at the majority of the sites (risk of many animals being dead at the point of slaughter)
• No knowledge of Halal and its basic rules
• Mechanical slaughter used at majority of sites

To some extent, it comes as no surprise to HMC as it has consistently found malpractice in the name of Halal – the most abused brand in the world. The vegetarian society (v) is protected more than the 1400 year old Halal engrave which stands unprotected – Allah forgive us. This so-called ‘Halal’ meat then finds its way to our holiest of cities, self certified by many scrupulous practices under the guise of Halal. The scale of the operations has even alarmed us and the many genuine organisations across the Middle East.

HMC continues to promote genuine Halal and once again the need and rigour of a continuous monitoring and inspection system is confi rmed to guarantee the provision of Halal to the Muslim Ummah – “Your Seal of Assurance”

May Allah help our campaign to uncover deceit and give us strength to fight and give the Ummah the choice they deserve, genuine pure Halal, the basic foundation we need to conduct our lives. Please support HMC in its tireless efforts “for the peopleand of the people”. Ameen. The report, publication and findings are confidential. However the general fi ndings have been revealed without disclosing names, people and locations
© HMC 2007
December 2007 Issue: 11
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