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The Evil Halaal Certificate Trade 

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The Evil Halaal Certificate Trade

Dear Shaikh As-Salaamu alaikum wa-Rahmatullah
Hoping you are well.
I feel compelled to bring to your notice that having heard the representatives of SANHA and MJC at the meeting on Saturday (24th of August 2002) in Cape Town, I come to the following conclusions:
1.) Although, as mentioned by your chairman, the evidence was not tested, it was clear as daylight sun that gross discrepancies had been discovered by SANHA at some of the plants and companies certified by the MJC.
2.) When these serious grievances were brought to the attention of your Halaal Trust, much of it was totally ignored. SANHA provided documentary evidence, in a very comprehensive report, tabled at the meeting. The response to other letters was either, a threat of action against SANHA or some justification for the error.
3.) To any person studying the report or listening with an open, unbiased, unprejudiced mind, to the representatives of SANHA and MJC at the Hearing, the following would emerge:
(a.) The only complaint of MJC Halaal Trust seems to have been the unethical, un-Islamic practice of SANHA’s “interference” in its certification.
(b.) SANHA considering “Shaafi” Mazhab as inferior.
(c.) SANHA considering MJC’s standards as inferior.
I have had an excellent working relationship with MJC for decades. We have always co-operated on many projects and respected each others views and differences on matters, as long as they were based on the Qur’aan and Sunnah. The Jamiat always considered MJC as a Halaal Certifying body and accepted its certified products. Nay, even consumed some of them over the years.
So it is not a question of “prejudice” that I state the following:
Almost everyone that was present there, including some MJC members, whom I contacted later, agreed that there were serious flaws and major discrepancies that had to be addressed; as a matter of urgency. .
That the myth that it was a “Hanafi / Shaafi ” issue was not true.
That SANHA was not witch-hunting but merely informing the public of their findings, when MJC fails to respond to their queries and complaints.
Wallah, my stomach churned and heart seemed to skip a beat when I read the comprehensive report submitted by SANHA. I honestly believe and share the tears of Shaikh Omar Khabir at the meeting that a great injustice has been done to the Ummah. Amongst many other discrepancies, the following were recorded:
Well documented evidence was presented of severing just one vein (rendering chicken totally Haraam according to all Mazhabs). .
Products containing pork fat, blood plasma, white wine flavour, bacon flavour, blood powder, etc. were marketed with the MJC label. .
Confirmed slaughtering by non-Muslim slaughterers.
Non-Muslim inspector and staff. .
Contamination in fridges of Halaal and Haraam items. .
Non-Muslim wholesaler with no Muslim staff, supplying MJC certified Halaal meat. .
Haraam or absolutely doubtful imports from Brazil, China, etc., certified Halaal and the list goes on.
I repent, that although the evidence was not tested, I, for o¬ne, am certain that if it had been arbitration, more shocking disclosures would have surfaced.
I am always one for conciliation and settlement of disputes. However having read the report and listened carefully to both sides I am of the opinion that if the discrepancies had not been brought to the attention of the MJC, it would have been “un-Islamic and unethical “.
My concern now is that just concluding with a working committee is not enough. When the report was read by members of the Jamiat Natal, they were shocked beyond belief that for monetary gain, the MJC Halaal Trust could have allowed so much of Haraam to be consumed by innocent Muslims. It makes us shudder on how we will answer Allah Ta’ala, when all those who consumed Haraam on our guarantee that it was Halaal, will catch our garments on the Day of Qiyaamah. May Allah Ta’ala protect us from His Azaab.
My suggestion is that the MJC should immediately look at all its certified plants and companies:
Implement the most stringent standards.
That it should allow the take over of operations outside the Cape Province by SANHA or Regional bodies. The MJC cannot do justice to National and International certification. .
The MJC should work in co-operation with SANHA towards a national certifying body. Monetary gain or commercial interests should never be the criteria of Ulama bodies. .
A senior member of MJC stated openly at a meeting: “We need the money. We run our projects with it. .”
If the MJC is unable to maintain and control standards at certain plants, then it must withdraw its Halaal certificate and announce this in the Press. It should never, never, allow, at any cost, Haraam and doubtful products to be consumed.
The comprehensive report should not be shelved away. It should be studied by all MJC Halaal Trust members. Thousands of Rands and valuable man hours must have gone in its preparation.
I do agree that there could be aspects of it which could be “rebutted” as Shaikh Yaaseen mentioned. However, even if just 20% of it is true, it is cause for major concern.
I, for one, who used to openly declare all products certified by MJC as Halaal for many years and even consume some at times, am truly and deeply disturbed.
How can I guarantee them anymore?
Please forgive me for this letter. My conscience weighed heavily on me.
Do read the letter with an open mind and in its right context. We are all human. No one or no organization is perfect. We must have the humility to acknowledge and accept our mistakes, and rectify.
The MJC has kept Islam alive in the Cape through its Imaams and projects. May Allah Ta’ala strengthen it and may it continue to serve the community at large, with sincerity.
Yunus Patel (Maulana)
(President of Jamiatul Ulama, KwaZulu, Natal)

“The Majlis” Vol.15 No.6
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