Friday, December 18, 2009


Q. We are a group proceeding to Saudi Arabia. We intend spending 3 months. We have heard much about the haraam meat and chickens in Middle Eastern countries. Are locally slaughtered chickens in Saudi Arabia halaal?

A. Even the local chickens in Saudi Arabia, which are slaughtered commercially, i.e. the broiler chickens, should be avoided. The same haraam Sanha methods are used to torture and kill the chickens. The safest is to abstain totally from meat and chicken when in Saudi Arabia. There are numerous varieties of vegetables and grain foods. Fish, eggs, bread, etc. There are many Pakistani restaurants where vegetable diet is available. It will do you good to abstain from meat for a couple of months. After all, Insaan is not a carnivorous animal. He should exercise some restraint on his nafs, and abstain from Haraam and Mushtabah food.
Nowadays, people no longer understand the meaning of Haraam and Mushtabah. SANHA and MJC type ‘halaal’ carrion has ruined the Imaan of millions of people. MJCSANHA Haraam carrion has corrupted and darkened the hearts and souls so much that even if Muslims knowingly devour MJC-SANHA approved pork, they will not be able to differentiate between the carrion chickens and halaalized pork.
Maulana Yunus Patel Sahib, who is a senior Durban Molvi, has whined and lamented much when SANHA had exposed the MJC’s carrion halaalization industry. The respected Maulana Saheb is not a controversial person like The Majlis. However, despite the fact that he proclaimed MJC carrion products to be haraam according to all Four Math-habs and that even pork and blood had been halaalized, molvis and sheikhs continue relishing and defending MJC carrion products. They are used to devouring carrion, and since they are unable to kick the addiction, they feel compelled to defend the ‘halaal’ status of the diseased, rotten, haraam carrion.
The MJC, SANHA and all the supporting molvis and sheikhs with their carrion halaalization industry have transformed Muslims into carnivorous beasts who relish on diseased, rotting carrion. Can anyone then wonder why Hadhrat Maulana Yunus Patel Sahib lamented: “My stomach churned and my heart skipped a beat”? It was SANHA’s Secret 223-Page Document exposing MJC Carrion which constrained the churning of the stomach and the skipping of heart beats.


Above article is taken from the source mentioned above and is the view of the author... personal advice to readers is to refrain from all imported meats in any country..from any country...

To rely on the shari-natural way of consuming food.. To either do zabihah urself or get it done infront of your eyes...

Losing your iman and the noraniat of your heart for a little ease and comfort will have a great effect in the hereafter.. stop being lazy and eat chicken if you have to but make sure it is slaughtered in front of you..

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  1. I ma from Saudi Arabia. there is a lot of places in Saudi Arabia where you can go and see you meat either chicken, lamp, camel or even beef slaughtered. you even can do it yourself.