Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pig Fat (Updated) email probably inaccurate....

In the Name of Allah, the Inspirer of Truth.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

The article is highly dramatised, but unfortunAtely does not back up any of the claims. We regard this email as vastly heresay and folklore, unless otherwise backed up with hard facts.

If you receive this pig fat E-mail, please do not forward it onto others, as it just dupes more and more people, and it does its rounds.

Muslims should NOT be "fast-forwarders", but think about what they are relaying to others, and whether it holds any merit.

And Allah knows Best
Wa Alaykumussalaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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source of above information

The above information is referring to the following email going around in peoples inboxes which was also posted onto this site aswell.. original text of email can be found in this link written supposedly by a "DR M Liaqut"

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  1. Thank you all for your concern and good intentions.
    However, I have my doubt aboy this particular letter (the one written by the so called Dr. Amjad Khan)

    In reference to his comments abou E-numbers and linking those numbers to the use of pork.

    I do not deny the fact that some of those products might indeed have pork in them but to try to fool us with such cllaims is not acceptable.
    The E-numbers are basically a shot way to discribe certain chimecahs and materials.
    For instance, E100 is said to be one of the numbers indicatig the presance of pork.
    A very brief search showed that the E100 is an orange food coloring extracted from a plant known to all of us named curcuma (turmeric) plant (no pork in there).

    More details can be found here:

    As a Muslim I should be very carful not onl of what I eat and also what I read , especialy in the media and over the net.

    Thank you all for your concern and support.