Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Red Bull Halal

Last Updated: 03/12/2009 The following are Halaal, but do utlise alcohol based flavouring carriers (see below for more details).
Red Bull Energy Drink (250ml)
Red Bull Sugarfree (250 ml)
Red Bull Energy Drink (355ml)
Red Bull Energy Drink (473ml)
Red Bull Sugarfree (355 ml)
Red Bull Simply Cola (355 ml)

Red Bull Cola:
Two UK based laboratories and several other laboratories around the world did not find any cocaine in Red Bull Cola. As a consequence and in line with national regulations Red Bull Cola is back on the shelves in Germany since August 2009.

Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:
Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

Read the full article here:
Alcohol Flavourings Clarification -


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Anonymous said...

BROTHER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! If it has alcohol in it, HOW IS IT HALAL?! If something is haraam in large quantities, then it is haraam in small quantities as well. Its like saying a little bit of shirk is okay, BUT IT IS NOT!

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