Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pakistan: SC orders destruction of pork contaminated poultry feed 10 Jul 2009

The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan has issued orders to destroy imported poultry feed contaminated by pig meat.
The SC also directed for and action taken against those responsible for importing the feed.
The three-member bench of the Supreme Court was hearing a suo motu (upon one’s own initiative) case.
Earlier the Attorney General of Pakistan in a statement before the court said that the 14 samples of the poultry feed tested in laboratory were found contaminated by pig meat.
After these findings 150 containers of the feed have been stopped in Lahore and Karachi.
The Attorney General said the companies fined for the feed import included one owned by a former parliamentarian from the Jamaat-e-Islami, Mian Aslam.
Lawyers for the poultry feed companies, requested the court to allow the tainted feed to be used as fertilizer, but the attorney general opposed the plea.
The SC also directed the companies to file affidavits in court, clearly stating that they would not import such feed in the future.
The SC said the importers would not only bear the expenses for the feed’s return, but would also pay fines and other penalties imposed by the customs department.

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