Saturday, July 24, 2010

Modified Milk Ingredient Halal or Haram??

According to Canadian food laws, Modified milk ingredients are defined in item 7.1, subsection B.01.010 (3) of the FDR, as "any of the following in liquid, concentrated, dry, frozen or reconstituted form, namely, calcium reduced skim milk (obtained by the ion-exchange process), casein, caseinates, cultured milk products, milk serum proteins, ultrafiltered milk, whey, whey butter, whey cream and any other component of milk the chemical state of which has been altered from that in which it is found in milk".

Additional examples of Modified Milk ingredients are 

  • Casein(milk protein)

  • Caseinates

  • Calcium reduced skim milk

  • Cultured milk products

  • Milk Protein Concentrates

  • Milk Protein Isolates

  • Milk serum proteins

  • Skim Milk Powde

  • Ultrafiltered milk

  • Whey

  • Whey butter

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

.How we know they are Halal?:

1. If a kosher symbol such as COR, MK, OUD, Circle K, CRC, V appears on food package containing modified milk ingredients, it means the modified milk ingredients are Halal and all other ingredients meet the Halal requirements because not all kosher certified food products are Halal unless they meet Halal requirements. There is a list of 16 ingredients as listed in ALERT section if one of them present in kosher certified products then those kosher certified products are not consider Halal.

2. Inquiry with manufacturer to find out what actual ingredients are used in so called modified milk ingredients. If they happened to be skim milk, ultrafiltered milk then the modified milk ingredients are Halal.


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