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Mars UK 2010 - Halal / Haram list

Mars 2010

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Mars 2010


Last Updated: 03/02/2010
These are Haraam
M&Ms Peanut- E120
M&Ms Chocolate- E120
M&Ms Crispy- E120
Please see the notes next to some of them, to highlight the issue of calf rennet and alcoholic flavourings at the bottom.  Some may feel they wish to refrain them. 
Calf Rennet Clarification:
Rennet per se, is not impermissible.
It is permissible to eat cheese which has rennet from calf rennet though
praiseworthy to refrain from due to a slight difference of opinion viz:

Is Whey Rennet Haraam?  (no!)
* contains calf based rennet
*? Possibly contains calf rennet as manufactured on the continent
Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:
Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.
Read the full article here:
Halal list:
Bounty Milk
Bounty Dark
(Kindly note, that Bounty no longer contains animal rennet, however the packaging may not reflect this (the packaging is slowly being replaced). 
As a result of this, Mars has erred on the side of caution and officially say that Bounty is not suitable for vegetarians, nonetheless they are actually suitable for vegetarians.)
Celebrations *
Flyte *
Galaxy Milk
Galaxy Smooth Dark *
Galaxy Raisin Almond & Hazelnut *
Galaxy Roasted & Caramelised Hazelnuts *
Galaxy Amicelli *
Galaxy Cookie Crumble *
Galaxy Caramel *
Galaxy Ripple
Galaxy Minstrels
Galaxy Bubbles
Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses
Malteaster Bunny
Maltesers White
Mars Planets
Mars Delight *
Milky Way Crispy Rolls *
Milky Way *
Milky Way Magic Stars *
Topic *
Tracker Chocolate Chip
Tracker Raisin
Tracker Roasted Nut
Bounty - All varieties
Galaxy - All varieties
Mars Bar - All varieties *
Maltesers - All varieties
Snickers - All varieties
Starburst - All varieties *
Twix Bar
DRINKS - Shakes
Mars Refuel
Mars Extra Chocolate
Mars Hot Chocolate *
Mars Thick Shake
Galaxy Creamy Hot Chocolate *
Galaxy Smooth & Creamy Chocolate Milk Drink
Galaxy Probiotic Drink
Galaxy Smoothie Chocolate Orange
Galaxy Thick Shake
Maltesers Malted Hot Chocolate *
Maltesers Super Thick Shake
Maltesers Super Frothy Chocolate Milk Drink
M&M's Super Thick Shake  *
Twix Super Thick Shake
Bounty Drink
Moment du chocolat with Marshmallows  *
Moment du chocolat dark chocolate with wafers  *
Starburst Strawberry Thick Shake
Milky Way Thick Shake
DRINKS - Powder
Bounty Frappe
Galaxy Hot Chocolate
Galaxy Hot Chocolate with Caramel
Galaxy Hot Chocolate Bliss
Maltesers Hot Chocolate Malt Drink


  1. Mars contains vanilla extract, which is haraam because it's extracted with alcohol. on the contrary, vanillin is permissible because it's artificial and alcohol is not involved to obtain it.
    everything that contains vanilla extract is haraam, although vanilla powder is permissible since it isn't an extract.

  2. Alcohol flavourings from different types of alcohols are classified differently by Scholars...

    Best would be to refrain completely.. because this is a demand/sign of Taqwa.

    Otherwise you can follow the following opinion

    Alcoholic Flavourings Clarification:

    Alcohols used as a carrier for food colourings and flavourings are permissible as long as they are not sourced from dates or grapes.

    Read the full article here:
    Alcohol flavourings

  3. salamo aleikom wr wb

    well, Allah knows best. truth is clear from error. i still don't know about rennet, it is very confusing. i had Mars here at home some days ago and after i discovered it had vanilla extract and searching about it, it was considered haraam by most of the scholars. and rennet, i can't find any information about it besides the information you show. my husband forgets to ask the sheikh here about this, and i have a Galaxy Caramel waiting in the drawer to be accepted or rejected. lol

  4. I'm no sheikh / scholar myself, this opinion is from the following website / organization:
    Gmwa Foodguide Ruling on Calf rennet . Best practice is again to rely on the side of caution and refrain from it. But the permissibility is there because rennet is made from the inner lining of the stomach of a calf.

    The inner stomach lining is not meat, its more like an enzyme / liquidy substance.. Read above article for further understanding..

    The question here is not permissibility or impermissibility of rennet because there is three opinions regarding this matter. The question is which one will you follow..

    The opinion promoted even in the above article is to practice Taqwa and abstain.. But if that is too difficult then to consume it is not wrong and nobody should be condemned because of doing so..

    hope this answers..

  5. Why do we have to believe in the UK Halal because the UK is non-Muslim countries? But they still have a fatwa, as well as theirs, but we Muslims in Malaysia have to believe in our own country. It's up to the respective rights of the important Islamic intact.

  6. lots of chocolate you listed as halal is haram.

  7. Just note that sometimes they don't even say vanilla flavouring has alcohol in it. I remember I bought vanilla flavouring which didn't seem to have alcohol, but the "natural flavouring" bothered me a bit so I did a bit of research on it. It turns out that anything that is biologically processed by enzymes etc is classified as "natural flavouring" so a lot of companies can easily pass off "alcohol" in the ingridients as "natural flavouring" instead (since fermentation would certainly be classified as a "natural" process.)

  8. Assalamu Alaikum I rang mars and they said no alcohol is used. Then I asked about vanilla extract and they said no alcohol is used in their processes. Allah knows best