Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oreo Cookies Halal? (email UPDATE)

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We saw that someone had posted a comment on your blog, in response to your reposting of a portion of SPOTLIGHT HALAL: OREO COOKIES. "Anonymous" said that Lowfat Oreos were 'haram'. We believe that his comment is because low-fat Oreos in the U.S. contain glycerin. Glycerin allows Oreos to reduce the fat content of the cookie, while maintaining the 'fat feel' on the eater's tongue.

We looked into it further, and found that the Reduced Fat version of Oreos are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, which means that the glycerin is not pork-derived. In addition, currently, glycerin is allowed in food imported into Saudi Arabia.

Hope this helps.

This email is from the people at and is pretty selfexplanatory... referring to the following article.. Click here


  1. Why on the oreo website does it then say that Oreos are not halal or Kosher?

  2. That is a European site. Maybe the ingredients are different there.

  3. it says it is halal. just not halal certified.