Monday, May 19, 2008

Haram Vegetable Shortening, How is it possible?

Vegetable Shortening can be Haram

Vegetable shortening - Fats and oils of plant origin. As long as the word "pure" or 100% is not used with vegetable shortening, there is no guarantee that animal fats are added to the extent of 5-15%.

* Vegetable or blended vegetable oils can be Haram. Vegetable shortening and margarine's contain emulsifiers again and are described in food as vegetable oil or blended vegetable oils. It is misleading but lawful.

* Vegetable shortening, animal fats and some margarine's are Haram. Animal fats are made by collecting trimming from abattoirs and butcher shops to make fats. As for margarine's, they contain emulsifiers that can be Haram or whey powder made with Haram rennet.

Research research,.... research everthing you eat...


  1. You have listed Beta Carotene as Harram ingredients, but its found spinach and carrots, how can it be Harram

  2. i havent listed it as Haram.. it "Could" be haram.. therefore when you see it listen in the ingredients section you need to research its source..

    read this post on our blog for further reading..

  3. Is true beta carotene is a natural element related to vitamin A and is could it be haram!!! do ur search first

  4. if u want to avoid beta carotene then we would have to stop eating tomatos, spinachs and carrots and many others...that is insane.None add beta carotene to this vegetable...then u are gonna say "atoms" are haram! Pls dont repeat things that make no sense...

  5. some people are born with a brain that does not function properly and gets stuck on simple issues and cannot proceed further... tsk tsk,,,

    listen carefully again.. vegetables grown naturally are just that... vegetables... and vegetables are HALAL regardless of their chemical / mineral composition.

    We are saying Beta Carotene "could" be haram because of the "process" used to derive it... not the source..

    u-n-d-e-r-s-t-a-n-d e-n-g-l-i-s-h?

    just because something doesnt make sense to you doesnt mean it should not be mentioned...

    and for the other one saying its "natural..??" well isnt pig in its original form considered natural?? ahem ahem.... you guys are true thinkers.. funny arguements...

    So as a general rule of thumb if beta carotene is found in any processed food we would have to look at the "carrier" which is used to disperse it in the given product.

    instead of telling me to research start researching yourself.. talk is cheap... show me a proof of some research you have done...

  6. Old issue I guess, but still people just talk it out.

    Eat Halal is right about what is used to mix ingredients in can make food Haram. Beta-Caratone included but not exclusive. Heck if you made a beautiful halal meal but spritzed even a drop of alcohol on it, the parts of the meal touched are now haram.

    Eat Halal,
    If people are freaking out and didn't even read your previous points just restate it word for word or say read above. I would.

  7. is nutella halal? is whey powder halal?

  8. Hi Eat Halal,

    It is very difficult for Muslim consumers to ascertain the "carrier" that is used in the food preparation process. Hence, what should we do if we are not sure the halal status of the carrier and the producers are not there to answer your query, i.e. the use of beta carotene in fruit juice?

  9. Hi
    Anonymous ...

    Nutella is halal. whn it say "whey from milk."