Thursday, March 20, 2008

Apple Juice Haram?

Apple Juice is made from Halal fruit Apple and the ingredients statement says it is 100% apple juice. However, during the processing of apple juice, the colloidal material and coarse suspended solids cause cloudiness to apple juice. In order to make apple juice clear, a clarification process is needed. Pork or beef gelatin tannin precipitation is used for this clarification.

Many apple juice producers still use this method. An apple juice company’s 800 number can be found on an apple juice package, which does not have a kosher symbol on it. If you call this number, the operator will say that their apple juice does not contain animal derived ingredients and alcohol. However, the pork gelatin-tannin is a processing aid ingredient or hidden ingredient. This juice becomes Haram because of a contamination of pork gelatin.

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