Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kosher Vitamins in Canada by Enfamil

This if from their official website regarding the kosher status of the following vitamins made by enfamil:

  • Enfamil® D-Vi-Sol®,
  • Enfamil® Poly-Vi-Sol®
  • Enfamil® Tri-Vi-Sol® 
  • Enfamil® Fer-In-Sol®

 Are Enfamil® vitamins kosher?

Yes, Enfamil® D-Vi-Sol®, Enfamil® Poly-Vi-Sol®, Enfamil® Tri-Vi-Sol® and Enfamil® Fer-In-Sol® are all Kosher products Circle U Kosher Symbol.



Anonymous said...

Kosher vitamins are NOT halal!

Trusted Creation said...

Y not... explain yourself.

Besides we have not mentioned that they are halal.. just kosher.. those are two separate things..


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