Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ovaltine Halal / Haram??

"...Ovaltine is Kosher OUD. This means it contains dairy but no other animal products..."

(This includes all their varieties: Rich Chocolate, Chocolate Malt, & Classic Malt)



Anonymous said...

Ovaltine Malt Drink Mix is not halal according to 's research. Please see here:

Search for 'ovaltine'.

Tj Unknown said...

That links to a website that has not been updated for years..

the copyright at the bottom is 2006..

You should do your own finding out..
its easy call the company up.. number is 90% of the time on the product itself..

all you have to ask is some general questions.. are there any animal / animal based/ animal derived ingredients in there..

is there any alcohol in there??


Anisur Rahman said...

does it has has alcohol? or haram thingd?

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